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Fast Facts

Short on time? Our “Fast Facts” boil it all down to give you a quick overview on need-to-know issues.

Here is what you need to know about the cases that could open the door to long-overdue changes to our broken federal healthcare scheme…and next steps to begin to put South Carolina patients back in charge.

In the wake of the SC Supreme Court’s Abbeville decision, some claim that more money is the answer for SC’s education woes. We say the answer is real reforms that promote autonomy, accountability and equity.

We have much to do to create the opportunity of a high-quality, customized education for every South Carolina student. In this handy publication we take a look at 10 ideas that would give us a strong start.

Good decisions start with separating fact from fiction. Get the facts about how offshore energy exploration works…and what it would mean for South Carolina’s economy and environment.

10 important reasons why Medicaid expansion is fool’s gold – not “free money” as supporters say – diverting access away from the very people it was founded to help while pouring money into a broken system.

Looking to pay another $417 a year on your energy costs? How about South Carolina losing over 14,000 jobs? That’s exactly what newly proposed EPA regulations could cost the Palmetto State.

Latest News

Protecting Free Speech in the Palmetto State

Every American – whatever their belief or political persuasion – has the right to support causes they believe in without fear of harassment, intimidation or invasion of their personal privacy. So what’s the state of free speech in South Carolina?

Everyone’s Got A Crazy Uncle…

South Carolina’s Uncle Sam is very generous, supplying nearly 38% of our budget, but he is also unstable. The federal debt as of today (May 1) at noon stands at approximately $18.21 trillion, and every year the debt grows larger. What if Uncle Sam goes unhinged? Wouldn’t it be sound financial policy for the state to have a plan for the sudden absence of our crazy uncle?

Tear Down This Wall: Why Everyone Wins When We Remove Trade Barriers

Trade matters. The dizzying array of countries that fill in the blank on the “Made in ______” tags attached to everything we buy proves that. This is currently a hotly debated issue in Congress, and we all ought to care deeply what they decide: because it will affect us all as consumers.

Is South Carolina “Financial Ready”?

South Carolina – like most states – receives a lot of funding from the federal government. But how much exactly? Would South Carolina still be “able to keep the lights on” and fund essential services if the Washington dropped the ball? This week, thanks to Representative Alan Clemmons picking up some PPI research, South Carolina is one step closer to being able to answer those questions.

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