Learning scarcity the hard way

Healthcare and a law of economics

It seems America is having to learn the hard way about the economic law of scarcity and why it matters in the politics of healthcare.

Washington Strains State Budgets

How Washington Strains State Budgets

More people on the rolls…and an ever-growing budget line item

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Why it Matters: SC’s Labor Force Participation Rate

While the unemployment rate is important, it does not paint a very full picture of the economy.

Pension Reform Post

Not Finished with Pension Reform Yet

One in nine South Carolina residents are served by the Palmetto State’s public pension plans. The woefully underfunded […]

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Too Early to Celebrate Victory on Obamacare

Euphoria from the right over the ideological “wins” in the bill and blanket criticism from the left are both premature.

Housing Blog Post

The Wrong Solution for a Real Problem

How can we be compassionately responsive to the needs of low-to-middle income South Carolinians in regards to housing affordability?

Renewed Interest in Offshore Opportunity Blog Post

Renewed Interest in Offshore Opportunity

Last March, The Obama Administration rejected offshore opportunity. Instead of allowing seismic mapping and possible energy production along […]

DPC Fast Facts

Direct Primary Care: “Innovating Backwards”

What is Direct Primary Care? According to Dr. Jerome Aya-ay, a family-medicine physician with offices in Greenville, Spartanburg […]

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Money doesn’t translate into student results

SC students once led Florida students in key education metrics – not anymore.

Ta'Shaun Harris

Newest Jobs Data is a Mixed Bag for SC

There was good and bad news for South Carolina according to new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.