The Struggles of Rural America

History says that Americans will do what they must for upward mobility. Move three states over for a […]

How the Debate over Obamacare Mirrors the Law Itself

Obamacare pits people against each other; the debate has followed suit

South Carolina’s Fiscal Health

Three recent studies that work to diagnose South Carolina’s current financial health.

What in the Wetlands? Exposing the absurdity of EPA overreach

How just two words – “significant nexus” – started a firestorm around water regulation and the jurisdiction of the EPA.

education woes go beyond single allendale district

Education is an “emergency” in Allendale…and across the state.

Proof that Raising the Minimum Wage is a Bad Idea

Arbitrary government-mandated wage increases does not a rich person make.

Other states are figuring it out…will SC?

Add Pennsylvania to the list of states which have substantively reformed their pension system. Will South Carolina follow […]

Distorting the Market, Discouraging Care

If a competitor state were to devise a plan to cripple South Carolina’s ability to deliver quality healthcare, […]

Wait…SC spends how much?

How big is the budget? What are South Carolina’s sources of revenue? Where does all this money go? Consider these charts.

New Budget boosts SC’s only Private Education Choice Program

There is good news for South Carolina’s only private school choice program.