The Fatal Danger of CON Laws

It’s time for South Carolina lawmakers to examine the facts and make healthcare more accessible, more affordable and more safe by repealing South Carolina’s CON laws.

The Healthcare CON

In a day when South Carolinians are struggling to find high-quality healthcare, shouldn’t we be enacting policies that expand access to good healthcare options?

EPA’s Sea-Monster-Sized Mandates

For the sake of the states’ budgets and competitive federalism, it’s time for Congress and the states to say “no more” to sea-monster-sized, bureaucratic mandates.

No “Laffing” Matter

As the Laffer Curve simply illustrates, unreasonably high tax rates actually hurt the economy.

Inequality & the Minimum Wage

We understand Americans earning minimum wage could use a raise, but a blanket increase is unsustainable.

Fiscal Health Rankings: SC is 18th

South Carolina might have a rocky fiscal road ahead according to a study recently released by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University.

Energy Prices And Frustration Rise

In the end, the negative consequences of the RPS far outweigh any positive effects. The standards are truly just a major expense with minimal returns.

New Test Results Hold Good & Bad News

We all hate the question: which would you rather hear first, the good news or the bad news? So we’ll spare you from the unwelcomed choice.

Let Us Always Remember

Don’t let this Memorial Day go by without taking a moment to show your gratitude for American heroes.

#SchoolChoice…A Personal Story

“Even though I have the chance to spend half of my day taking unique courses that aren’t offered anywhere else, I am always reminded of students that aren’t as lucky. “