What July Fourth means to me

The beach. The mountains. The family cookout. The parade. The fireworks. In the Weaver house, it’s celebrating my […]

What’s the plan?

Tell the truth. When you voted on Tuesday, were you doing your civic duty, or just hoping that […]

Fact Check: Medicaid Expansion still a fiscal disaster

Medicaid expansion is back in the news. As Democrats worked to ram Obamacare through Congress in 2010, hospitals— […]

Federal Tax Conformity: 7 Facts Our Legislature Must Face

Back in February, we raised the alarm about how the big tax changes out of Washington passed in […]

South Carolina takes historic step toward term limits

This week – perhaps for the first time ever – a Senate Judiciary subcommittee unanimously passed a resolution […]

Private education in SC more available than you might think

Private schools are a vital part of a healthy education ecosystem that provides parents with the various options […]

Education Scholarship Accounts being heard in committee on Wednesday

Tomorrow (April 18) at 9:00 AM the South Carolina Senate’s K-12 Education Subcommittee will meet to discuss S.622—the […]

Drop in South Carolina test scores among nation’s worst

Southerners know the wisecrack that comes up whenever talking about some less-than-stellar state statistic: “Thank goodness for Mississippi.” […]

Legislation moving on Santee Cooper study, tax cuts, and school choice

Even as students (and the South Carolina Senate) enjoy spring break and golf nuts get their Masters fix, […]

What actually makes poverty escapable

Yesterday, I had a chance to speak to the Senate Human Services Subcommittee about three short – but […]