Mother Emanuel 2

Lessons from Mother Emanuel

The recent race-based violence on the campus of the University of Virginia evoked strong memories of the Mother Emanuel tragedy. Is there hope for our world in the face of violent hate?

Dr. Art Laffer with President Ronald Reagan

Economic Growth is Still the Answer

Economic growth supports peace, prosperity and strong families. In a recent visit to South Carolina, Dr. Arthur Laffer shared the not-so-secret “secret” for creating that growth.

end of average

The End of Average

Is there such a thing as an “average” child? As parents of multiple children can attest, even those […]

Medicare Moderates

“Medicaid Moderates” complicate “repeal and replace”

After 7 years of decrying the very real failings of Obamacare, why can’t Republicans get their “repeal and replace” act together?

drug price controls

Drug Price Controls Will Hurt Consumers

We all know the drill: whenever the government uses its clout to set prices, it invariably inflicts harm.

Copy of Washington Strains State Budgets

The House Is On Fire: Where’s The Alarm?

Indicators abound showing South Carolina’s failure to prepare many Palmetto State students for success.

Knowledge is power for parents and communities

This Letter to the Editor was written by Ellen Weaver and was published in The State on 4/16/2017. Finding the right […]

Wren Report Logo (3)

The Wren Report – The Assault on Privacy

The answer to falsities is not the abridgment of free speech.

Copy of Charleston Port Blog

On the Inauguration of Donald Trump

How do we move forward from here? Is it possible to heal a divided country?

Natty Review

Obamacare Repeal Must Roll Back the Medicaid Expansion

This article was written by Ellen Weaver and Caleb Crosby, President of Alabama Policy Institute and was published in […]