Ellen Weaver

Ellen learned the value of hard work, entrepreneurship and love of country early in life while working in her dad’s small business. A long-time staffer to U.S. Senator Jim DeMint, she now is President of Palmetto Promise Institute, where she passionately fights to break down barriers to opportunity and empower every South Carolinian to thrive.

What July Fourth means to me

The beach. The mountains. The family cookout. The parade. The fireworks. In the Weaver house, it’s celebrating my Dad’s birthday. (We’re still not sure if he knows that the festivities aren’t all just about him.) As Americans, we love our Independence Day traditions! But on that first Independence Day in 1776, the celebration must have

What’s the plan?

Tell the truth. When you voted on Tuesday, were you doing your civic duty, or just hoping that by casting your ballot, the mail would stop coming?! It has been a long and grueling election season, that’s for sure. And with a runoff election looming in key races on June 26, it’s not over yet.

Education Scholarship Accounts being heard in committee on Wednesday

Tomorrow (April 18) at 9:00 AM the South Carolina Senate’s K-12 Education Subcommittee will meet to discuss S.622—the South Carolina Equal Opportunity Education Scholarship Account Act (ESA’s). ESA’s are an education innovation that is sweeping the country and creating unprecedented flexibility for students and families. This idea would allow parents of eligible students to apply

Drop in South Carolina test scores among nation’s worst

Southerners know the wisecrack that comes up whenever talking about some less-than-stellar state statistic: “Thank goodness for Mississippi.” Sadly, South Carolina’s education system just lost that excuse. On April 10, the National Center for Education Statistics released its 2017 results for the National Assessment of Educational Progress, or NAEP. Also known as the “Nation’s Report

What actually makes poverty escapable

Yesterday, I had a chance to speak to the Senate Human Services Subcommittee about three short – but powerful – bills that represent a compassionate, common-sense step towards making a South Carolina a state where every person has the opportunity to reach their full, God-given potential. In the throws and aftermath of the 2008 recession,