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The Wren Report – Sine Die Edition

Palmetto Promise Institute reports from the State House where the 2017 legislative session came to a close this week.

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Wren Report: 2017 Draws to a Close

As legislators prepare to return to their districts, here’s what we are watching in the last week of session.

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Wren Report – Dr. Jerome Aya-ay on Direct Primary Care

This week, Dr. Oran Smith interviews Dr. Jerome Aya-Ay on a re-emerging method of paying for Primary Care. It’s easy and affordable and it’s called Direct Primary Care.

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On healthcare: back to the basics or new innovation (2)

The second part of our interview with Dr. Jerome Aya-ay, a Direct Primary Care physician in SC.

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On healthcare: back to the basics or new innovation?

Palmetto Promise Institute met with Dr. Jerome Aya-ay in his Spartanburg office to talk with him about Direct Primary Care.

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The Wren Report – Legislative Recap

Palmetto Promise is engaged throughout the legislative session so that we can keep you informed in real time about public policies that directly impact you. Here are a few highlights from the 2017 legislative session so far.

Bluffton #1 Most Enterprise-friendly City in SC

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 10, 2017   Bluffton ranked #1 Most Enterprise-friendly City in South Carolina Formula-based research […]

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The Wren Report – Enterprise Friendly SC Cities

Palmetto Promise Research Assistant Adam Crain, about a new report that ranks the most enterprise friendly cities in South Carolina.

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How Enterprise-Friendly are SC Cities?

In order to excel in an increasingly competitive global marketplace, South Carolina must be as attractive as possible to businesses wishing to relocate to or expand in the state.

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The Wren Report – Repairing the DOT

The American Society for Civil Engineers recently gave South Carolina’s infrastructure a D+. Everyone agrees our roads and bridges are in bad shape. But how do we fix the problem?