Q&A Grace Outdoor (1)

Q&A w/ Grace Outdoor

Small businesses are the engine of economic growth in the Palmetto State. So, what’s it like to be a small business in South Carolina?

other states are figuring it out

Other states are figuring it out…will SC?

Add Pennsylvania to the list of states which have substantively reformed their pension system. Will South Carolina follow […]

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Distorting the Market, Discouraging Care

If a competitor state were to devise a plan to cripple South Carolina’s ability to deliver quality healthcare, […]

SC budget boosts (3)

Wait…SC spends how much?

How big is the budget? What are South Carolina’s sources of revenue? Where does all this money go? Consider these charts.

SC budget boosts (1)

New Budget boosts SC’s only Private Education Choice Program

There is good news for South Carolina’s only private school choice program.

Obamacare and the Disabled

Obscuring the Truth About Obamacare’s Effects on the Disabled

Let’s be clear: people’s lives are at stake.

Education is a state issue

Education is a State Issue…Keep It That Way

Palmetto Promise Institute is shaping the national debate on education. As part of a coalition of state and […]

drug price controls

Drug Price Controls Will Hurt Consumers

We all know the drill: whenever the government uses its clout to set prices, it invariably inflicts harm.

teacher shortage

Making Progress on Solving SC’s Teacher Shortage

Welcome to South Carolina, Teachers of Tomorrow!

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SC Job Climate Snapshot: Spring 2017

According to the most recent data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the SC Department of […]