Stronger Together: Expanding Opportunity Through School District Consolidation

September 6, 2018

During the 2017-2018 legislative session, an old proposal became new again: the idea of merging several of South Carolina’s smaller school districts together with neighboring districts to form larger ones. This short paper seeks to gather facts, statistics, and previous comprehensive studies on the issue to find answers to the question “Should some South Carolina

Private education in SC more available than you might think

April 27, 2018

Private schools are a vital part of a healthy education ecosystem that provides parents with the various options they need to find the right education fit for their student. Palmetto Promise recently partnered with EdChoice to conduct a survey of South Carolina’s private school sector. With the vast majority of these schools operating independently, it’s

Common Questions about Education Scholarship Accounts

June 27, 2017

Senate Majority Leader Shane Massey and Representative Shannon Erickson recently filed legislation (S.622 and H.4308) that, if passed, would create “Equal Opportunity Education Scholarship Accounts” for South Carolina students. Below are some commonly asked questions about Education Scholarship Accounts (ESAs). 1) Will ESAs impact existing Exceptional SC Tax Credit Scholarship or Parental Tax Credit programs?