Anti-ESA Lawsuit Filed

Blog · October 27, 2023

Statement of Palmetto Promise Institute Eidson v. South Carolina Department of Education October 26, 2023 “The Education Scholarship Trust Fund Act (Act 8), passed by a bipartisan majority of the General Assembly and signed by the Governor, is clearly constitutional. State aid in the ESTF is directed to students, not schools (or to the wide

Introducing Carolina Academic Leadership!

Blog · October 19, 2023

Members of district school boards, also known as school trustees, are under pressure like never before. That’s because in the wake of COVID-19, parents and other taxpayers are finally paying attention to their work. To bear the burden of educational leadership in the higher education space, members of college and university boards of trustees enjoy

Thanks, Citizen Sleuths!

Blog · April 5, 2023

Thanks, Citizen Sleuths! It appears that some in the education lobby didn’t like our “citizen sleuth” exercise from two weeks ago. (This was our call for your help calculating ease of access to health [sexuality] education curricula on school district websites.) Our simple research effort was spun this way in a Senate hearing on curriculum

New Report: Lessons from 25 Years of Public Charter Schools Ring True (and Familiar)

Blog · December 14, 2021

A comprehensive new report on charter schools from Palmetto Promise Institute shows that Problem Number One for public charter school students is identical to the most pressing issue that all public school students face: too little connection between their individual needs and the funding their schools receive for them.

Sen. Tim Scott Hosts Back to School Parent Town Hall

Blog · September 20, 2021

Many uncertainties for the schooling of America’s children remain. Senator Scott and his team answered many questions about school decisions that are affecting families and their children. Whether it was about helping alleviate the mental health struggles of students, school mask mandates, or handling teachers’ unions. If you are a parent, most likely your question was asked in this recent event.

South Carolina private schools uniquely impacted by COVID-19, could help be on the way?

Blog · April 21, 2020

It would be an understatement to say that COVID-19 has disrupted the education of South Carolina’s children. Parents and students alike have had to adjust to the new normal of learning from home, and teachers and school administrators have scrambled to provide instruction from a distance, with widely varying results due to a variety of