SC’s Offshore Opportunity

September 1, 2014


The Atlantic Coast has been off limits for energy exploration for a long time. What’s more, we have not even been able to update the over 30 year old maps we have of offshore resources. Given current technology, these maps are badly outdated: imagine the difference between Pong and the graphics on the latest Playstation and you’ll get the picture!

What would offshore energy exploration mean for South Carolina in terms of potential revenue, economic development and jobs? What would it mean for our tourism industry and beautiful coast? These questions and more are explored in our groundbreaking report SC’S Offshore Opportunity: Economic & Environmental Impacts of Atlantic Energy Exploration.

The South Carolina-specific data in our report has been drawn from a larger study by Dr. Timothy Considine which we were proud to cosponsor with public policy foundations in five other Atlantic states. And be sure to visit our dedicated offshore energy site at www.offshoreopportunity.com to view our informative animated video on the topic and learn more!

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