PPI Lays Out SC’s Pro-Growth Tax Reform Roadmap

Dr. Rebecca Gunnlaugsson unveils a groundbreaking tool to help lawmakers fix SC’s broken tax system and promote fairness, sustainability and growth.

Remembering Elvis, 40 Years Later

The King may be dead, but the obsession with his legacy lives on. Read how one fan remembers his impact on South Carolina and the world.

Give “Read to Succeed” A Chance

Being unable to read is the worst kind of “gift” that keeps on giving.

Knowledge is power for parents and communities

This Letter to the Editor was written by Ellen Weaver and was published in The State on 4/16/2017. Finding the right […]

Obamacare Repeal Must Roll Back the Medicaid Expansion

This article was written by Ellen Weaver and Caleb Crosby, President of Alabama Policy Institute and was published in […]

Embrace Your Role In Local Races

Your informed participation in local elections can shape a better future for every South Carolinian, town by town.

Right To Try Showed SC Legislature At Best

The Legislature took some small but important steps that reflect the sense of unity, community and compassion.

Stop Hospital Abuse Of Federal Drug Discount Program

The presidential campaign has revealed widespread public anger about government programs that don’t seem to work as intended.

Law Gives Terminally Ill Right to Try Investigational Drugs

South Carolina has a new law, signed by Gov. Nikki Haley last Friday, that allows terminally ill patients to try investigational drugs.

Drug Price Controls Will Hurt Consumers

We all know the drill: whenever the government uses its clout to set prices, it invariably inflicts harm.