Looking for first-hand experience in public policy? An internship with Palmetto Promise Institute might be just the thing for you!

Ideal candidates will be enthusiastic and organized, with strong writing skills and a can-do attitude. A background in political science, journalism or public relations is helpful, as the Institute seeks to serve as a coalition-building “marketer for freedom.” Duties will include working directly with the research and communications staff on policy research, communications and outreach as well as other daily organizational duties.

If you are interested, check out the job description and requirements, and then follow the directions below to apply!

TO APPLY: please submit an application, a current resume, and a one-page cover letter outlining why you’d be interested in interning with us to





Jessa Potvin, Former Intern

Greetings from Palmetto Promise Institute! As a student volunteer, I get to experience PPI in action: the spreadsheets, first drafts, and stuffed envelopes. My view behind the scenes has been an incredible opportunity to learn from PPI’s effective activism.
I’ve found PPI’s emphasis on research and community-building to be inspirational. By sharing research and analysis, PPI directs the community toward solutions and builds consensus and knowledge. That is rare, constructive leadership, and I hope to model my future work after PPI’s example.
I am so grateful for all that I’m learning, and I sincerely thank you for all you have done to make my experience possible and to keep our state strong by supporting PPI.
Working with PPI has also helped me gain knowledge and skill and made me a better citizen and communicator. Already, I’ve been able to use what I’ve learned to have meaningful policy discussions with people in my community.

Adam Bio Picture

Adam Crain, Former Intern

During my time as a visiting fellow, I have recognized an important fact that distinguishes why Palmetto Promise Institute is crucial to the well-being of South Carolina.
It is not a published report, or built consensus on legislation, or an adopted policy that is the crux of Palmetto Promise Institute, though that is the product of PPI’s work. No, the driving force is a vision to help South Carolinians achieve whatever they envision for themselves.
Palmetto Promise Institute wants to help parents struggling to educate their children, the elderly to have more access to healthcare and young people to find good-paying jobs. That is why promotion of public policy is so important. It is why your support is so vital and so appreciated – thank you!
Working at PPI has helped me distinguish between the “what” and the “why.” It has been a privilege to join PPI in this mission. I have learned so much about SC politics, public policy, and non-profits.