Meet the Lisinski Family

For parents Chris and Tricia Lisinski, going the extra mile in the search of better educational options for their two children was worth the effort.

Meet the Hollingsworth Family

Delaine expresses how grateful they are for the comfort and the opportunity that the Exceptional Needs Scholarship provides: “It means peace of mind. Hidden Treasure is an amazing place, and the right place for Cody.”

Meet the Wood Family

7 children and 23 years later, Bill and Tammy Wood remain big believers in home schooling.

Meet the Williams Family

“I think this just happened to be God’s gift.” That’s what Karen Williams had to say about Spring Hill High School, a magnet school located in Chapin, SC.

Meet the Washington Family

“We just want our children to learn as much as they can,” says Venita Washington.

Meet Jeorgie

To 3rd graders in Columbia’s Hyatt Park Elementary School, Jeorgie Hicks is a role model.

Meet the Jacobs Family

Sometimes success is only one decision away…and this was certainly the case for Tre’Shaun Jacobs and his family.

Meet The Pearson Family

Charles Pierce has a clear message when it comes to his son and daughter’s future: “I’m going to do whatever I have to, to ensure that they get the education they need to be successful.”

Meet The Campbell Family

“We had met several home schooling families with children whose character, manners, and social skills we admired very much,” says Nancy Campbell.

Meet The Ellis Family

For lifelong South Carolinian and mother of three Courtenay Ellis, public magnet schools are all about intention.