Applications for the 2024-25 school year are closed. Apply for the 2025-26 school year January 15 – March 15, 2025!

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  • Education Service Providers (those who will accept ESTF funds) must register with the Department of Education. Providers are approved on a rolling basis, but we encourage you to apply as soon as possible so families know you will accept funds!
  • Types of Service Providers
  • • Independent School (in-person, located in South Carolina)
  • • Independent School (online)
  • • Textbooks, Curriculum or Educational Items (vendors who sell only these items)
  • • Tutoring (in-person or online, Bachelor’s Degree required)
  • • Computer Hardware or Technological Devices (vendors who sell only these items. If you provide these items as part of a private school OR tutoring service do not select this category.)
  • • Online Education Classes / Courses (vendors who provide individual classes)
  • • Student Exams, Certifications or Assessments (vendors who provide these examinations)
  • • Educational Therapies or Services for Students with Disabilities (vendors who provide Speech, Physical, Occupational Therapies, Vision Therapy and ABA Therapy. No other therapies are approved at this time. Valid license required.)
  • • Transportation (vendors who only provide transportation services)
  • • Fees for account management (private financial management firms that have been approved by the Department)

Please note that scholarship funds only apply for K-12 students. If you are a school that offers Pre-K classes as well, know that students can only use ESTF scholarships for kindergarten and above. Read more about student eligibility.


Registering as an ESTF provider does NOT mean that independent schools will face more oversight from the State Department of Education. ESTFs establish a financial relationship between the school and the student/parent, not with the State. The ESTF law specifically states that the program “does not expand the regulatory authority of the State…to impose regulation of education service providers” (§59-8-150(F)(2)).


Check out the resources linked below for more information! Still have questions about registering as a provider and what that means for your school? Reach out to us at

  • Helpful Links
  • SC Department of Education Flyer for Providers

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