Dr. Oran Smith

Born and raised in the beautiful Upstate of South Carolina, Oran Smith has developed a reputation as a trusted adviser and advocate for solution-driven policy during his many years of service in the Palmetto state.

End of Session Round-Up

The 122nd South Carolina General Assembly (2017-2018) is officially history. In late June, the legislature finished their work for the year…although rumor has it that they will be back in the fall to deal with the Governor’s budget vetoes. With the V.C. Summer nuclear debacle sucking most of the legislative oxygen out of the room

Can you ace the Santee Cooper Quiz?

When the SCANA/Santee Cooper project to expand the V.C. Summer nuclear station whimpered to an end last summer, it left a $9 billion hole in the ground. But there’s a larger crater. That’s the huge gap in knowledge among Palmetto State citizens about Santee Cooper. To fill this knowledge gap, Palmetto Promise Institute developed “The

Consolidating tiny school districts will save a fortune and make schools better

South Carolina has 46 counties but 82 school districts. That’s a lot. Statistically, its 1.78 school districts for every county. To put that in perspective, North Carolina has 100 counties and 115 school districts, Florida has 67 counties and 67 school districts. Georgia has a lot of school districts—181—but they also have 159 counties! Statistically,

School Choice Week II?

National School Choice Week is celebrated every January all over America. You saw the video of the amazing outpouring of support for all educational options. Charter, home, private, online, magnet and Christian school students filled the steps of our South Carolina Statehouse. But this legislative week was another type of School Choice Week…more of a policy

Breaking: Santee Cooper econometric analysis coming next week

On Tuesday, March 20, Palmetto Promise Institute will present its analysis of the current state and future prospects for Santee Cooper, the state-owned utility known officially as The South Carolina Public Service Authority. Palmetto Promise scholars and a specially-empaneled team of research economists will present its report “Santee Cooper’s Uncertain Future: A Historical, Policy and