Mulvaney's moment

The Mulvaney Moment

Former SC Legislator explains federalism to The Beltway

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Wren Report: Accountability Lives

We are glad to report that one of Palmetto Promise Institute’s top priorities for the 2017-2018 legislative session is still in play.


Obamacare is America’s Healthcare Trabant

Minor surgery is an operation performed on you. Major surgery is when it is performed on me. So it was (I humbly confess) on Obamacare.


Assessing Schools: Ambiguity Isn’t Accountability

If the SCASA system were adopted, we would have ambiguity in assessment, and ambiguity is not accountability to parents or the public.


School Ratings Must Not Be Ambiguous

On October 3, Palmetto Promise’s Dr. Oran Smith addressed the SC Education Oversight Committee concerning education accountability standards.


Exceptional SC: Moving Forward For Kids

Though progress has been made, there is still more work to do.


A Worthy Celebration

Yes, 229 years is worth celebrating. But let’s not let our celebration be a passive affair. The best way to celebrate our Constitution is to work to preserve it.

Oran's Abbeville Update

Abbeville: A Post-Session Update

Anyone concerned with preparing Palmetto State students for a productive life beyond high school should continue to watch the Abbeville school equity case very closely.

Oran's The State Op-Ed (1)

Right To Try Showed SC Legislature At Best

The Legislature took some small but important steps that reflect the sense of unity, community and compassion.

2016 Primary Update- Senate Runoff Edition

2016 Primary Update: Senate Runoff Edition

After the runoff elections, on to the important question of what the 2016 primary mean for governing the state?