Sine Die: Initial Recap of the 2021-22 SC Legislative Session

Quality of Life
Blog · May 17, 2022

The 2021-2022 South Carolina legislative session is over!   Sort of.  Last Thursday, the South Carolina General Assembly adjourned “sine die” (a phrase which is pronounced in the Statehouse in a way that would make any Elementary Latin student cringe).   Legislation that did not pass both chambers or receive a Conference Committee appointment by

It’s all about opportunity: A conversation with Greenville businessman & philanthropist Stewart Spinks

Blog · May 16, 2022

For Stewart Spinks, it’s all about opportunity. When he went to work for Shell Oil Company in 1968, he didn’t know that he would come to own a chain of 80 Spinx gas stations and convenience stores that, this year, will have its 50th anniversary. It happened because someone saw promise in him. Spinks started

Dr. Robert Brown: CON laws leave patients fewer options

Blog · April 18, 2022

“Repeal of the current South Carolina CON laws will establish fair competition which will lead to more choices and access to care, greater value, and higher quality care.” “CON laws were designed to provide oversight and prevent wasteful duplication of services. However, there has been severe overshoot of those goals resulting in suppression in new

Election Reforms Bills Moving

Quality of Life
Blog · March 8, 2022

Thanks to strong state laws and aggressive legal initiatives taken to defend them (one of which was fought—and won—before the US Supreme Court) South Carolina has preempted many problems and largely avoided debacles like those experienced by our neighbors in Georgia and elsewhere.