Tired of rising healthcare costs and broken promises? Polls show that patients want new alternatives and real choices. South Carolina can be part of the solution to empower patients by saying “no” to expanding broken Washington programs and “yes” to state innovations to lower costs and increase access to high-quality care.

Unwinding the Worst of Obamacare: Why Congress Must Rescind ACA’s Massive Medicaid Expansion

Executive Summary Given the focus on the disastrous launch of the Obamacare insurance Exchanges in 2013, many people […]

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The Wrong Solution for a Real Problem

How can we be compassionately responsive to the needs of low-to-middle income South Carolinians in regards to housing affordability?

Direct Primary Care: “Innovating Backwards”

What is Direct Primary Care? According to Dr. Jerome Aya-ay, a family-medicine physician with offices in Greenville, Spartanburg […]

The Right to Shop: More Access to Local and Affordable Health Care

Right to Shop’s goal is to provide patients with access to information on the out-of-pocket costs they will face after a non-emergency medical procedure.

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Healthcare and a law of economics

It seems America is having to learn the hard way about the economic law of scarcity and why it matters in the politics of healthcare.

How Washington Strains State Budgets

More people on the rolls…and an ever-growing budget line item

Too Early to Celebrate Victory on Obamacare

Euphoria from the right over the ideological “wins” in the bill and blanket criticism from the left are both premature.