Goodbye Incrementalism?

Blog · May 12, 2023

The photo you see adjacent to this post is of a group of true believers who assembled on January 21, 2020 on the first floor of the Statehouse to call for a total repeal of the state Certificate of Need program. Earlier this week, Senator Tom Davis referred to this event humorously as “a few


Blog · May 1, 2023

Effect of House 3M Committee Amendment (S.164) In both 2022 and 2023, the South Carolina Senate under the leadership of Majority Leader Shane Massey, Medical Affairs Committee Chairman Danny Verdin, and Senators Wes Climer and Tom Davis sent the South Carolina House a bill fully repealing Certificate on Need (CON). Certificate of Need is the

Certificate of Need Hearing Fireworks

Blog · February 23, 2023

Palmetto Promise Institute’s Dr. Oran Smith testified this week before the South Carolina House Medical, Municipal and Military Committee on S.164, the repeal of the Certificate of Need (CON) statute. The following is taken from the testimony prepared for that hearing. The History of Certificate of Need (CON) The National Health Planning and Resource Development