Quality of Life

"Quality of life” means ensuring that all South Carolinians have full access to the blessings of life, liberty, and the fruits of their own labor. This means pursuing equal justice under the law and breaking down government-sponsored barriers to work wherever they exist…among many other important issues. We proudly stand for equal opportunity as the path to a free and flourishing South Carolina.

The Latest

March 8, 2022

Election Reforms Bills Moving

Oran P. Smith, Ph.D

Thanks to strong state laws and aggressive legal initiatives taken to defend them (one of which was fought—and won—before the US Supreme Court) South Carolina has preempted many problems and largely avoided debacles like those experienced by our neighbors in Georgia and elsewhere.

October 26, 2021

Report: How SC can open more opportunities for small farmers

Jeremy Ward

South Carolina lost 441 farms between 2012 and 2017, especially in rural counties. Part of that is surely due to broader trends of market consolidation as well as a slough of untimely droughts and hurricanes – but could outdated and entrepreneurship-killing regulations be contributing too?

October 18, 2021

Happy Free Speech Week!

Oran P. Smith, Ph.D

This week, October 18-22, is the 17th annual observance of Free Speech Week in America. When we think of threats to Freedom of Speech, our minds naturally go to powerful examples from history.

October 13, 2021

Bidenomics in three pictures

Oran P. Smith, Ph.D

As the Biden Administration continues to try to cram through more disastrous economic policy, recent lackluster national jobs numbers continue to tell the sad tale. And right here in South Carolina, employers are feeling those impacts hard. They are taking drastic measures to find workers and stay open. Here at PPI, we have been collecting photos from business owners and managers who have gone to great lengths to explain to their customers what they are going through.

October 5, 2021

Innovative Farmers to Food Banks Program Feeds Thousands Across SC

Felicity Ropp

Governor McMaster’s COVID-19 advisory team, AccelerateSC, recently released its recommendations for how to spend the $8.89 billion allocated to South Carolina by the American Rescue Plan Act. Additional funding from the American Rescue Plan could dramatically expand operations to support more South Carolina farms and feed families in need.

July 26, 2021

How Not to BRIDGE SC’s Digital Divide

Palmetto Promise Team

Palmetto Promise Institute recently joined a coalition of free-market organizations to write to the U.S. Congress in opposition to the BRIDGE Act, a flawed bill that purports to close the digital divide in rural communities.