Safe, environmentally responsible exploration could help keep energy costs low for families, create tens of thousands of jobs across the state and provide a generational economic opportunity for areas of our state that need it most.

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New EPA Rules Will Cost South Carolina a Fortune

Looking to pay another $417 a year on your energy costs? How about South Carolina losing over 14,000 jobs? That’s exactly what newly proposed EPA regulations could cost the Palmetto State.

SC’s Offshore Opportunity: Economic and Environmental Impacts

Good decisions start with separating fact from fiction. Get the facts about how offshore energy exploration works…and what it would mean for South Carolina’s economy and environment.

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What in the Wetlands? Exposing the absurdity of EPA overreach

How just two words – “significant nexus” – started a firestorm around water regulation and the jurisdiction of the EPA.

Renewed Interest in Offshore Opportunity

Last March, The Obama Administration rejected offshore opportunity. Instead of allowing seismic mapping and possible energy production along […]

EPA’s Sea-Monster-Sized Mandates

For the sake of the states’ budgets and competitive federalism, it’s time for Congress and the states to say “no more” to sea-monster-sized, bureaucratic mandates.