Welcome to Palmetto Promise


Our History

Founded by South Carolina business leaders in 2009 as the Palmetto Fort Foundation in tribute to the stand for freedom taken by South Carolina patriots at Fort Moultrie, the newly renamed Palmetto Promise Institute has grown exponentially since its re-launch in early 2013, attracting a strong team of visionary public servants, entrepreneurs, scholars and philanthropists who believe that South Carolina and her sister states can lead an American renaissance. Palmetto Promise Institute exists to research and promote policies that allow every South Carolinian the opportunity to flourish and reach their full potential.

Our Core Values

  • Finding Common Ground: Building trust and establishing relationships with all South Carolinians.

  • Best Practices: Rigorous research and thorough analysis to document and explain what’s working in public policy and why.

  • Policy Entrepreneurship: Solving problems with innovations that are grounded in our first principles and communicated with respect and kindness.​

We Believe…

  • In the inherent dignity of the individual and personal responsibility as a civic duty.

  • That the family is the foundation of culture and civil society.

  • That the primary role of a limited government in society is to promote the common good by protecting property rights, and establishing and safeguarding the rule of law.

  • That free enterprise and free markets organize civil society for the maximum benefit of all.

  • That civil liberties and equality of opportunity should not be abridged.

  • That our federal system of divided power, which protects liberty and encourages policy entrepreneurship, should be promoted and defended.

  • That South Carolina, born in entrepreneurship and freedom, is exceptional in its founding and uniquely blessed.​

The best way to stem the tide and get people in Washington to stop trying to ‘fix’ things…is to demonstrate that states can do things better than we can do at the federal level. South Carolina is poised to do this better than any other state.

– Jim DeMint, Honorary Founding Chairman