The Palmetto Promise

We promote policy solutions to advance a free and flourishing South Carolina, where every individual has the opportunity to reach their full, God-given potential.

Our Values

Finding Common Ground: Building trust and establishing relationships with South Carolinians of all backgrounds.
Best Practices: Performing rigorous research and thorough analysis to explain what’s working in public policy, both here and around the country, and why.
Policy Entrepreneurship: Promoting innovative policy solutions that are grounded in the principles of freedom and equal opportunity and communicated with respect and kindness.​

prom·ise \'prä-məs\ (noun)

1. A declaration or assurance that one will do something or that a particular thing will happen.
2. The quality of potential excellence.

Does the word “promise” in our name mean that we believe we have a promise to keep to our state—or that South Carolina is a state that has great promise? The answer is of course…yes!

These twin definitions of “promise” serve as a guide for all of our work. Our beloved Palmetto State has great promise that we seek to unlock. And we promise to fulfill the duty we owe to future generations to sustain the sacred gift of freedom and leave them with a South Carolina full of opportunity for all.

Research Partners

Visiting Fellows serve as adjunct scholars at PPI. These South Carolinians are distinguished within their disciplines for academic research and practical, real-world policy solutions. While Visiting Fellows partner with PPI on specific projects, they maintain independent scholarly interests not affiliated with PPI.