Tax Budget

The single greatest thing we could do to compete with our neighboring states to attract jobs and create new economic growth? Comprehensive tax reform. Lower rates and fewer special-interest exemptions is South Carolina’s winning formula to sustain and grow a bright economic future.

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The Wrong Solution for a Real Problem

How can we be compassionately responsive to the needs of low-to-middle income South Carolinians in regards to housing affordability?

How Federal Grants Cause More State Spending

A new comprehensive study from the Interstate Policy Alliance (IPA) and Palmetto Promise Institute (PPI) concludes that increased federal spending…

Tax & Budget in the News

Economic Growth is Still the Answer

Economic growth supports peace, prosperity and strong families. In a recent visit to South Carolina, Dr. Arthur Laffer shared the not-so-secret “secret” for creating that growth.

So, How Much is $14 billion?

The abandoned nuclear project in Fairfield will cost $14 Billion.

South Carolina’s Fiscal Health

Three recent studies that work to diagnose South Carolina’s current financial health.