North Carolina Cuts Taxes….Again.

Tax & Budget
Blog · November 29, 2021

South Carolina currently enjoys a dubious distinction: “highest top personal income tax rate in the Southeast.” Our rate is a whopping 7%. Meanwhile, our neighboring states have been on the move to modernize their tax systems. Georgia recently came off pit row and joined the race to lower their rates. Florida doesn’t tax personal income, and Tennessee

The Blue Flu Pandemic

Tax & Budget
Blog · July 26, 2021

The leading symptoms are a penchant for tax raising and aversion to sunlight, the kind of sunlight that comes from being transparent with people trying to recover from a pandemic about how you are adding to their pain.

A Rainy Day Update

Tax & Budget
Blog · July 26, 2021

How does the Palmetto State stack up against the other 49 in terms of saving for fiscal catastrophes, both with emergency budget set asides and budget surpluses?

South Carolina Legislature convenes Tuesday; McMaster’s state of the state address Wednesday

Blog · January 11, 2021

PPI President and CEO Ellen Weaver is quoted in Center Square regarding PPI’s priorities for the 2021 legislative session. (The Center Square) – South Carolina lawmakers will return to Columbia on Tuesday to begin the 2021 legislative session, and more than 800 pieces of legislation already have been filed for the General Assembly to consider.

A Tax & Budget Agenda for 2021

Tax & Budget
Blog · January 8, 2021

Tax Low + Spend Smart = Jobs & Growth These recommendations are drawn from the Palmetto Promise Playbook report. You can view our 2021 policy agenda for other issues by clicking below. Education | Energy | Healthcare | Work, Justice, & Quality of Life TAX REFORM & FAIRNESS Implement the findings of the comprehensive analysis

Will South Carolina Learn COVID’s Tax & Budget Lessons?

Tax & Budget
Blog · May 27, 2020

As South Carolina budget writers continue to warily watch COVID-19’s impact on state revenue projections, what better time to take a look at how South Carolina generates tax revenue. Tax economists generally advocate for a “3-legged” stool of taxation, a balanced combination of income, consumption (sales), and property taxes, to create revenue stability across the