Common Questions about Education Scholarship Accounts

June 27, 2017

Senate Majority Leader Shane Massey and Representative Shannon Erickson recently filed legislation (S.622 and H.4308) that, if passed, would create “Equal Opportunity Education Scholarship Accounts” for South Carolina students. Below are some commonly asked questions about Education Scholarship Accounts (ESAs). 1) Will ESAs impact existing Exceptional SC Tax Credit Scholarship or Parental Tax Credit programs?

Fund Students, Fix Systems

March 26, 2015

In the wake of the SC Supreme Court’s Abbeville decision, some claim that more money is the answer for SC’s education woes. We say the answer is real reforms that promote autonomy for families and school leaders, accountability for current spending and equity for students regardless of where they live. Fund Students, Fix Systems outlines a clear path to helping every child reach their full potential.