Education Scholarship Accounts: Everything You Need to Know About ESAs

February 23, 2021

Palmetto Promise Team

Here’s everything you need to know about Education Scholarship Accounts (ESAs).

Update (June 2023): Education Scholarship Accounts have just been signed into law in South Carolina! Learn all the details of this exciting new education freedom program here.

Straight Talk on Education Scholarship Accounts
Education Scholarship Accounts, the most flexible, parent-controlled, accountable form of private school choice, are sweeping the nation. Here, we help separate fact from fiction with some straight talk on South Carolina’s ESA efforts.

Education Scholarship Accounts (ESAs) 101
Learn more about what ESAs are…and why they matter for SC students.

ESA Common Questions
“But what about…?” Find the answer to many common questions about ESAs.

Education Choice Myths
When it comes to “school choice,” myths abound. What do over 30 years of data and experience actually say?

Video: Education Scholarship Accounts 101

What are ESAs? How do they help students? This short explainer video is a great introduction!

Video: SC Families Speak Out on Need for Education Choice Post-COVID

Hear from real South Carolina families on the impact COVID-19 has had on their students, and why education choice would mean the difference in their student’s journey.

Video: Growing Up Great

Second Baptist Christian Preparatory School (SBC Prep) has been serving students in Aiken with excellence for over 20 years. Dr. Shaunette Parker–mother, educator, and SBC Prep board chair–discusses the need for education freedom and how the school has shaped her own son’s life. The school’s founder, Pastor Doug Slaughter, shares how his personal journey shaped his passion for providing a new generation of children with the opportunity of a great education…and how Education Scholarship Accounts (ESAs) could help SBC Prep reach even more children who need this hope for their future.

Video: Limitless Lila

When Mark and Padgett Mozingo found out their daughter Lila had Down syndrome, they were consistently told what she couldn’t do. Some even told Padgett that she shouldn’t go through with the pregnancy. But they decided Lila was “limitless” and work hard to ensure that her diagnosis does not define her. A huge part of Lila’s journey has been finding the best education fit to help her reach her limitless potential. When Lila’s local school simply wasn’t working for her, Mark and Padgett made the tough decision to move her to a private school. The sacrifice has been worth it: they have seen a remarkable difference in Lila’s learning. An Education Scholarship Account (ESA) would help students like Lila and their parents to be able to afford programs and education options that could mean the difference for their future. As Padgett says, “For us, an ESA would be huge. For others, it would mean the difference in their children’s success.”