And Then There Were Eleven

June 23, 2020

There were eleven primaries decided tonight in runoffs that were forced due to the failure of any candidate to receive 50%+1 two weeks ago. It is difficult to have an ear to the ground in eleven campaigns, but here are a few broad observations on five of them. Dateline: Grand Strand. Beach Brawl Over. Incumbent Senator

A Post-COVID Credo

June 22, 2020

We’re honored to have Dr. Marcelo Hochman of Charleston join Palmetto Promise Institute as a Visiting Fellow, specializing in Healthcare policy. In this first article, Dr. Hochman issues a healthcare wakeup call, demanding that the political world focus on the patient-doctor relationship, the only relationship on which we should base policy decisions.  cre·do (origin: Latin,

A path forward for healthcare equity

June 20, 2020

Following the murder of George Floyd, the issue of race in American culture has reached a new boiling point in civic and political life. In response, the Charleston County Medical Society (CCMS) under the leadership of its President, Dr. Marcelo Hochman, took stock of its history and issued a restatement of its beliefs about race

For a full COVID-19 recovery, South Carolina must maintain and expand education choices

June 15, 2020

Because of regular tracking by professional monitors of state spending, both in government and in the media, the impact of COVID-19 on public education budgets is coming into focus. It is now clear that even with federal support, states and school districts will be scrambling to meet current emergency needs while also preparing for anticipated

SC Primary Day 2020 is in the books

June 10, 2020

Yesterday was Democratic and Republican Primary day in South Carolina. We’ve seen the vote counts, but what do they actually mean? Here are a few thoughts to put it all in perspective. View complete results from yesterday’s primary here. There was a bit of a ho-hum factor for sure. It wasn’t a Presidential Primary, and Governor

Protect SC businesses and employees from predatory COVID lawsuits

Jobs & Economy
June 5, 2020

Businesses in South Carolina are slowly reopening, but optimism about a post-Great Suppression economic revival is being dampened by businesses afraid of being sued into bankruptcy should someone get sick and “dial all 9’s” (or some other trial lawyer of choice). Although South Carolina’s businesses have been fighting for years to reform the tort system,

Listen, Learn, Act

June 5, 2020

Listening. It’s something I’ve been trying to do a lot of over the last week…and I must confess, not always very well. It’s a lot easier to say than do! 24:7 “news-tainment” and social media platforms beckon us to add our voice to the cultural roar, to vent our every opinion, even shaming people as

Critics of ‘Certificate of Need’ regulations say COVID-19 pandemic shows why it needs to be repealed

June 1, 2020

PPI Senior Fellow Oran Smith was interviewed by WIS News 10 regarding the potential for a full repeal of CON laws in light of COVID-19 and action taken by Governor McMaster. PPI Visiting Fellow Dr. Marcelo Hochman was also interviewed. This article, and accompanying video, originally appeared on WIS News 10. Written by Jason Raven.  Dr.