Governor McMaster Ceremonial CON Repeal Signing

Blog · October 11, 2023

Last week in the Statehouse, Governor Henry McMaster held a ceremonial bill signing for the legislation repealing South Carolina’s Certificate of Need (CON) statute. Palmetto Promise Institute President Wendy Damron and PPI Senior Fellow Dr. Oran Smith (far left of the photo above) were on hand for the occasion. In his remarks, Governor McMaster was

CRT/Curriculum Transparency Bill Update: Codify and Expand Grooms Proviso

Blog · October 3, 2023

UPDATE. The CRT/Curriculum Transparency bill (H.3728) has passed the South Carolina Senate and House in different forms and a conference committee has been appointed. The Senators on the committee are Senators Jackson, Massey, and Hembree. The House members on the committee are Reps. Erickson, Adam Morgan, and Alexander. The General Assembly is currently out of

What Can Other States Learn From South Carolina’s Successful CON Law Repeal?

Blog · September 19, 2023

Aubrey Wursten writes for the Independent Women’s Forum about South Carolina’s Certificate of Need (CON) repeal and cites Palmetto Promise Institute research on the topic. In 1987, the federal government repealed the certificate of need (CON) mandate it had enacted 13 years before. During those 13 years, any state wishing to receive subsidies, such as

Let’s Jumpstart Comprehensive Tax Reform

Tax & Budget
Blog · September 19, 2023

Since he was elected to the South Carolina Senate in 2012, Senator Sean Bennett has been a strong, steady voice for comprehensive tax reform. Bennett is known for taking to the well of the Senate and laying out his very specific concerns about how our current tax code is unfair, unstable and uncompetitive. Two of

Check Out Our Nomination Video!

Blog · September 12, 2023

Please enjoy our official nomination video for the Biggest Win for Freedom 2023 from the State Policy Network (SPN) Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois. We were honored to be in the final 3 organizations among 64 affiliate SPN members for the top award.

Censorship! (Not.)

Blog · September 6, 2023

Late last year, Palmetto Promise Institute released a report entitled Education or Indoctrination? The purpose of the study was simple: develop a list of the national organizations from the left side of the ideological spectrum that are actively seeking to influence education in South Carolina…and then describe their particular perspectives. For a publication that simply

The Beach Boom and Healthcare

Blog · August 22, 2023

According to a new study by U.S. News and World Report, the fastest-growing metro area in the United States is…Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This is no real surprise, because when the South Carolina General Assembly was debating the future of the Certificate of Need (CON) program, we highlighted Horry County (oh-ree) as an example of