Video: Free to Care

March 17, 2020

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative healthcare model being embraced by patients, providers, employers, and policymakers across the United States. DPC offers a unique, affordable membership-based approach that enables patients to establish ongoing relationships with their physicians. Unlike 26 other states, South Carolina does not have a law in place protecting DPC by defining

Arcane SC regulations could hinder hospitals’ response amid Coronavirus outbreak

March 16, 2020

UPDATED (March 19th): Governor Henry McMaster has issued an Executive Order specifically directing DHEC to suspend CON regulations for the duration of this public health emergency. (March 17th): DHEC Director Rick Toomey today told the Senate Finance Committee, in response to questions, that there would be flexibility on CON bed limits. Flatten the curve.   You’re probably

Evidence from Florida: Education Choice works

March 4, 2020

In 1998, South Carolina students led Florida students in performance on a number of national tests, including the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), known as “The Nation’s Report Card.” But over the last decade, Florida far surpassed South Carolina in K-12 education outcomes, most notably among traditionally disadvantaged student populations.  Currently, only 0.30% of

Here is what’s being considered to fix SC’s near-worst certificate of need (CON) laws

February 28, 2020

On Thursday, a Senate Medical Affairs subcommittee heard testimony on several bills to either modify or fully repeal South Carolina’s arcane certificate of need laws, or CON. Due to CON’s outdated and prohibitive restrictions on innovation in the healthcare space, PPI has been advocating for full repeal. CON laws require medical providers to obtain special

South Carolina on the verge of removing obstacles to work for military spouses

Jobs & Economy
February 21, 2020

On Thursday, H.3263\S.455 passed through conference committee and now awaits ratification and a signature by the Governor. Once signed into law, the new statue will allow the state to issue a temporary professional or occupational license to spouses of military service members who move to South Carolina with an existing license from another state. This

South Carolina considers bill to standardize complex business license tax process

Tax & Budget
February 20, 2020

On Tuesday, the SC House Labor, Commerce & Industry Committee unanimously passed H.4431, a bill to standardize South Carolina’s business license tax process and provide relief to local businesses. Over 230 of the total 271 municipalities levy a business license tax on local businesses. Because municipalities have different processes for collecting theses taxes (different forms,

A recap of South Carolina’s eventful National School Choice Week

February 6, 2020

Last week, Palmetto Promise Institute and My SC Education joined states across the country in celebrating the 10th Annual National School Choice Week. Here are some of the highlights from the eventful week. Governor Henry McMaster declared support for K-12 education choice in a new video. “Everybody doesn’t learn the same way. We must give our