Education Freedom


Every child in South Carolina deserves the opportunity of an education that helps them reach their full potential. Sadly, our outdated education system consistently ranks among the worst in the nation and leaves far too many children without the skills they need to succeed in life.


Let’s embrace 21st century learning. We must expand access to high-quality options for parents in every zip code, better support effective teachers and principals, harness the power of digital learning, and simplify funding to get dollars out of bureaucracies and into classrooms. States around us are on the move with these proven reforms. We can’t afford to waste the potential of the Palmetto State’s greatest resource: our children!

Tax & Budget Freedom


South Carolina’s tax system is unfair, unstable and uncompetitive. The highest rates in the Southeast, complexity and special interest giveaways leave the little guy or gal footing more and more of the bill. Meanwhile, state and local spending grow unchecked.


Let’s pair budget reforms with a new tax code that creates fairness for hardworking South Carolina citizens. This would provide stability to fund essential government services and spur economic growth that will create the jobs and opportunities of tomorrow. States around us are reaping the benefits of the tried and true pro-growth principles of a broad base and lower rates. South Carolina simply can’t afford to get left behind.

Healthcare Freedom


Healthcare costs continue to skyrocket. Doctors and patients battle through bureaucratic red tape and one-size-fits-all Washington mandates. And even without Obamacare’s ill-advised expansion, Medicaid spending now outpaces state K-12 education costs and crowds out other important budget priorities.


Let’s protect growing, common sense innovations like Direct Primary Care that provide pricing transparency and put doctors and patients back in charge of healthcare decisions. Medicaid must also be reformed and refocused to rein in costs and better serve the truly vulnerable people it was created to help. Let’s say “no” to more federal meddling and say “yes” to state-led innovations that lower costs and increase access to high-quality care.

Energy Freedom


Palmetto State energy consumers are in a real bind. Years of state control, insider deals and inept political management have left our energy sector in shambles. Vulnerable ratepayers in every corner of the state are paying the price in their monthly electricity bill.


Let’s get out of the failed, state owned energy business. Responsibly exploring our natural resources and opening up the kind of energy choices that consumers in other states currently enjoy would mean more money in the pockets of hard-working South Carolinians.