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Act Now. Make an Impact for South Carolina Students in 2018.

We can’t afford to lose another generation of opportunity. We need to send Columbia a message this year: our children’s education future should not be determined by their families’ income or zip code.

Passing the Education Scholarships Account (ESAs) bill will be an immediate first step towards giving students access to the educational options that meet their unique needs and equips them to reach their full potential.

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How will Education Scholarship Accounts help?

US News & World Report recently ranked South Carolina 50th in the nation for K-12 education. We have many hard-working teachers and school leaders.  And some of our schools are achieving great things. But the fact remains: an outdated education system is failing far too many of our children.

We can’t afford to let this stand.  We need proven strategies and bold innovations TODAY before we lose another generation of Palmetto State students!

Education Scholarship Accounts (ESAs) are one such idea to create incredible new opportunity for South Carolina students. ESAs empower parents to use their child’s state education funding to truly customize their child’s education, covering approved education expenses from tuition to textbooks, therapy, tutoring, transportation and more. Learn how it all works and find out more about how Education Scholarship Accounts are changing lives in the six states where they currently exist through the resources below.

Stand with us to bring Education Scholarship Accounts – and the education opportunity they represent – to South Carolina!

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