New Study: Funding Our Children For Success

Streamlining South Carolina’s broken education funding formula would empower teachers, parents and students. Find out how in our groundbreaking study.

“If It Can Happen in Orangeburg…”

Orangeburg 5 High School for Health Professions is beating the odds to create success for rural students in poverty. This week, Principal Angel Malone shared their secret for success with a Senate panel.

Where Have all the Teachers Gone?

A growing teacher shortage, particularly in some of South Carolina’s more rural areas are leading some districts to take new measures to lure and retain qualified teachers.

Education Choice’s Battleground

The road to more education choice for South Carolinians goes through downtown Washing…. Er… Columbia!

The Urgent Need For Education Reform

The future will not wait. Our students urgently need an education system that works today.

Learning Is A Joy: Mired To Marvelous

Sadly, despite new programs and an abundance of good intentions, the status quo in South Carolina has changed very little over the last few decades.

Education Is The Key To Success

If the opportunity for success is provided to young people in our state, many of them will use that opportunity to accomplish their goals.

Learning Is A Joy: A Foundation For ESAs

What is the rationale for ESAs and where did they get their beginning? You’ve come to the right place for the answer!

Learning Is A Joy: What’s An ESA?

What could ESA’s look like for students in South Carolina? Come along for the ride and we’ll find out together!

Learning Is A Joy

Every Monday in the coming weeks, we plan to publish a new blog post as part of the series “Learning is a Joy.”