550+ SC Parents speak out on need for SAFE Grants

September 16, 2020

Ellen Weaver

Former President & CEO

Public policy work can never be ho-hum, when you realize that it’s all about making people’s lives better! That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to sharing the stories of real people and promoting policy solutions that provide real relief for our South Carolina neighbors.

Amid the Coronavirus fallout, there is no better example of impactful, common sense policy than SAFE Grants, which would open up new education hope for struggling low- and moderate-income families.

These grants would provide qualified families with the financial support they need to get their child’s education back on track. As we await the Supreme Court hearing on September 18th, that reality of the need is becoming more and more clear.

Our partners at My SC Education have just rolled out a new video and interactive map of over 550 stories from parents desperate for the help SAFE Grants would provide. These stories paint a picture of families struggling to get by due to income loss from COVID, students with special needs who are not served well in a virtual environment, and single parents trying to figure out how in the world to work to pay the bills and simultaneously manage their child’s education.

These parents are speaking out… and we’re committed to making their voices heard.

One of these parents is Shannon Green, a single mom in Columbia, SC. Since the pandemic, she has struggled with managing her sons’ learning disabilities and their online classes. SAFE Grants would allow them to receive their education at a school that is attentive to their needs.

My SC Education visited Shannon’s home so she could tell her story.

We can’t let families like Shannon’s down. Will you do your part to make sure their message is shared?

Join the movement for education freedom by posting to social media using the hashtag #MySAFEGrantStory: https://mysceducation.org/mysafegrantstory/

An education freedom revolution is at hand…let’s each do our part to ensure South Carolina leads the way!

Featured Image: Photo provided by the Bridges Family in Blacksburg, SC, one of the many SC families who sent in SAFE Grant stories. You can read their story here