Education by the numbers in Columbia, South Carolina

January 28, 2021

PPI’s new School District Finance and Performance Dashboard is cited in COLAToday‘s deep dive into Columbia’s local school districts. One thing doesn’t change – education is always a hot topic in South Carolina. The sentiment shared amongst most is that teachers don’t get paid enough for all that they do. We count on educators to mold the future generation with the skills they

Complete 2020 South Carolina Election Results

Blog · November 4, 2020

South Carolina voters went to the polls on Tuesday to select hundreds of candidates for national, statewide and local seats. We’ve compiled a complete list of election results for all statewide and local offices, plus the President & Vice President results for South Carolina. We’ll update as returns roll in. Read our election analysis from

A Post-COVID Credo

Blog · June 22, 2020

We’re honored to have Dr. Marcelo Hochman of Charleston join Palmetto Promise Institute as a Visiting Fellow, specializing in Healthcare policy. In this first article, Dr. Hochman issues a healthcare wakeup call, demanding that the political world focus on the patient-doctor relationship, the only relationship on which we should base policy decisions.  cre·do (origin: Latin,