Common sense public policy critical to meet COVID-19 crisis

March 17, 2020

Ellen Weaver

Former President & CEO

As we all face our new reality in a world of “social distancing,” please know that we are holding you and your family close in our prayers.

Even—especially—in times of crisis, public policy matters to real lives. While there are many unknowns, here at PPI we are committed to continue to be your voice for common sense in Columbia. We’ll be on the ground keeping you informed every step of the way.

Take for example South Carolina’s outdated Certificate of Need (CON) laws that restrict the number of beds a hospital may have. As other states from North Carolina to Connecticut are moving to lift those restrictions to be prepared for the worst, we are on the front lines raising awareness of this issue, working to make sure that this isn’t a hurdle in the Palmetto State, even as we pray that our hospitals will not reach full capacity.

Today in Columbia, the South Carolina Senate will vote on a $45 million emergency funding package for the Department of Health and Environmental Control’s (DHEC) response efforts, before adjourning for the rest of the week. DHEC’s request includes money for personal protective equipment for DHEC staff, additional staff and overtime, lab and cleaning supplies, transporting lab samples, raising public awareness, and potential quarantines. The House, already on a planned furlough for this week, is expected to convene briefly on Thursday to pass the measure and send it on to the Governor’s desk.

Please join us in praying for wisdom for Governor McMaster and the many state and local leaders who must thoughtfully meet the challenges of this moment, as well as for those among us at greatest risk of illness.

Our bond as South Carolinians unites us in adversity: while we breathe, we hope.  We look forward to staying in touch in coming days with stories of everyday heroes and ideas that defend sound economic principles. This powerful combination of free people and free enterprise form the foundation of America’s resilience in times of distress.

Please call or email us with any concerns or ideas: we are here for you. Together, we’ll weather this storm.