Competitive Federalism

March 15, 2013


Ideas have consequences. This may seem obvious to some, but at PPI, we believe this calls us to examine the principles and truths that form the foundation of our policy innovation.

We strongly believe in the First Principles of our federalist system and are proud to be co-signers of this important – and practical – report. As conservatives, we say “no” to federal overreach to have the flexibility to say “yes” to the innovative thinking that can only bubble up from the state and local level.

We are strong advocates for returning dollars and decisions to the people best equipped to know and grow their own communities. Competitive Federalism is the arena in which states will compete to save America.

“This report is a welcome challenge to the status quo, especially at a time when states are considering the expanding influence of the federal government in their lives. While this call for returning to federalism may be dismissed by many in Washington as a theoretical exercise with no chance at being implemented, some 30 top state groups from 29 states have endorsed it, and want to push the idea with their governors and state legislators. America is at a crossroads where we might start with big ideas, like this one, get some traction and bring some much needed changes” – Veronique de Rugy, National Review Online