Adam Crain

The Disconnect in American Politics

March 10, 2017

Adam Crain

“When many people assess the political landscape, they see two choices: a heartless, pragmatic party on the right and an imprudent but compassionate party on the left. Americans are good people, so given that rotten choice, compassion almost always win.”

-Arthur C. Brooks, “The Conservative Heart”

Have you ever noticed how much the concept of choice plays into the life of everyday Americans? Fast food for supper? You’ll have to make a choice: Wendys or McDonalds. Looking for coffee in the grocery aisle? You’ll have to make a choice: Dunkin Donuts or Peet’s. The list goes on.

Accustomed to choosing according to our preferences on so many issues, it is not surprising that Americans feel shortchanged by the choices offered to us in the political sphere.

While Arthur C. Brooks’ summation of the political landscape in America demonstrates astute analysis of the current American malaise, one of his passions – and ours as well – is to demonstrate that another option is more viable.

He explains:

“Economic issues are moral issues. Americans are not materialists. The vast majority of Americans want public policies that are not merely economically efficient but also morally just.”

If Americans continue to be bombarded with two choices—neither of which marry government efficiency with moral direction—the problem of political polarization will continue, and the destructive economic policies of those inimical to free-enterprise will win the day.

As Arthur Brooks explains in his book, The Conservative Heart, and demonstrates in his actions as President of American Enterprise Institute, there is another choice.