Every child in South Carolina deserves the chance for a high-quality education that allows them to reach their full potential. That’s why we must transform the way we deliver education: to create more choices for parents, support effective teachers and principals, harness the power of digital learning and simplify funding to follow students into the classroom. We can’t afford to waste the potential of the Palmetto State’s greatest resource: our children!

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Common Questions about Education Scholarship Accounts

Senate Majority Leader Shane Massey and Representative Shannon Erickson have filed legislation (S.622 and H.4308) that, if passed, […]

Fast Facts: Education Scholarship Accounts

No other education reform can promise the quality of learning, the preparation for the future, the flexibility to meet the individual needs of a child, and the immediacy of impact.

Money doesn’t translate into student results

SC students once led Florida students in key education metrics – not anymore.

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The End of Average

Is there such a thing as an “average” child? As parents of multiple children can attest, even those […]

Give “Read to Succeed” A Chance

Being unable to read is the worst kind of “gift” that keeps on giving.

People are Different. Thankfully, so are schools.

One of the most exhaustive list of education options available to South Carolinians.