Jessa Potvin

Growing Regulations Equal Shrinking Opportunity

Quality of Life
June 22, 2016

Jessa Potvin

We all expected an increase in federal regulation during the Obama presidency, but the number of these regulations and their cost to our economy are simply shocking.  Rep. Doug Lamborn of Colorado recently reported on research that shows the stifling economic climate American businesses must now face…

A recent study by The Heritage Foundation revealed that President Barack Obama has created a whopping total of 20,642 regulations during his presidency. Now that he’s in his final year in office, we face an additional 2,000 proposed rules he intends to push through…

…These rules are costly: Just last year, the administration racked up $22 billion in regulatory costs—equaling “a dollar for every star in the galaxy.”

I used to be a small business owner. I know that in order for our businesses to succeed, a lighter and more predictable regulatory regiment is needed. We don’t have that today. Top-down obtrusive regulations squelch the potential of many entrepreneurs and their endeavors.

The administration’s proclivity for skirting Congress and hastily implementing burdensome regulations without significant congressional consideration or oversight has placed extraordinary obstacles in the way of our country’s economic growth. And it’s our eager and capable businesses with so much enthusiasm and passion for helping their customers and communities who are hurt in the long run.

Both conservatives and liberals desire a productive economy, but only free-market principles can build a solid foundation for human flourishing. The federal agenda to increase regulation has not only stunted business growth, but has also encroached on the states’ role in lawmaking.  DC is the problem, not the solution, says our president, Ellen Weaver.  To restore order in our government and sustain a fruitful economy, we must renew our fight for limited regulation.  As Lamborn pointed out, the stars will remind us just how much is at stake!