Introducing the Artis Ware Center for Education Opportunity

June 24, 2021

Ellen Weaver

Former President & CEO

We are honored and excited to partner today with U.S. Senator Tim Scott to unveil a special online Center dedicated to Palmetto Promise’s education work: The Artis Ware Center for Education Opportunity.

Named to honor the inspiring personal legacy of Senator Scott’s grandfather, The Artis Ware Center for Education Opportunity will serve as a touchstone for PPI’s work to advance educational excellence and hope for every South Carolina child.

I hope you’ll take a minute to watch this inspiring video about the powerful impact of Mr. Ware’s life. His reverence for the power of an education he was personally denied shines as a beacon of promise for his own family and generations of South Carolinians still to come.

Education means hope and has been a key pillar of Palmetto Promise Institute’s work from the very beginning. We’re passionate about securing this blessing for every child in our state, whatever their circumstances, because we know firsthand that a strong education is the cornerstone of a successful life. Tragically, far too many children in South Carolina have been denied this opportunity for far too long.

COVID has presented us with a once-in-a-lifetime moment to rethink and reshape our outdated education system and structures to best support the needs of students, families, and teachers. This is truly South Carolina’s “time for choosing.”

Palmetto Promise will continue to perform the groundbreaking research and build the trusted relationships necessary to move bold, student-centered ideas forward. The Artis Ware Center for Education Opportunity provides a powerful platform to take our efforts to the next level.


“It is an honor to join the Palmetto Promise Institute in announcing The Artis Ware Center for Education Opportunity. My granddaddy Artis knew that education was key to achieving the American Dream and I cannot think of a more fitting tribute to his life.” U.S. Senator Tim Scott

I hope you’ll also read this inspirational special message from Senator Scott, and consider a generous gift to support this generational mission. We have much work ahead.

We are grateful for the opportunity to honor Artis Ware and the amazing impact of his life through the ongoing work of this Center. His transformative legacy is a moving reminder of the powerful ‘why’ behind this fight: to provide the life-changing opportunity of a great education to every child in South Carolina, whatever their circumstances.

Thank you for partnering with us.