Every child deserves the opportunity to receive an education that prepares them to reach their full potential. A good education is a critical rung on the ladder of success, but in South Carolina, the odds of receiving that education depend primarily on your zip code. Students in the Palmetto State deserve equal opportunity to receive a high quality education.

That’s why the Equal Opportunity Scholarship Account Act (ESA) has been introduced in the South Carolina House and Senate. Designed to empower parents and students with the ability to truly customize their education, ESA’s could usher in a new era of education opportunity in South Carolina.

Help make Education Scholarship Accounts a reality

Education scholarship accounts (ESAs) award parents public dollars and allow them to spend it on the learning environment that is best suited for their child’s needs. The program comes at no extra cost to taxpayers.

Dear State Lawmaker: I Support  School Choice. South Carolina Students Need Education Scholarship Accounts Today!

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