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How do we combat this in SC schools?

Parents across the country are rising up and saying “Enough is enough!” Here are some ways you can make your voice heard for South Carolina students.

1. Insist on Academic Transparency. South Carolina parents should have full access to all materials used in their child’s classroom, including curriculum and resources, via an online portal. The Wisconsin legislature just passed a strong bill and South Carolina already requires this of health education curricula.

2. Work for School Choice. South Carolina should put the power back into the hands of parents by allowing school funding to follow students to the school of their choice: the ultimate “parent power” policy! Learn more about our work to make this a reality.

3. Be Informed, Take Action. Take full advantage of the great resources provided here to equip yourself and others with the knowledge you need to stand up for a propaganda-free education for our kids!


1. SIGN THE PETITION calling for teaching the “3 R’s”….not political indoctrination.

2. SHARE YOUR STORY using the tool below, if you see divisive agendas interfering with learning in South Carolina.

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