Meet the Faucett Family

January 19, 2015


Morgan Faucett started her education at a private school. But her mom, Pam, felt the school was too small and didn’t have enough to offer Morgan. In second grade, Morgan moved to a public school and excelled there.

“Morgan was always in the gifted and talented classes,” Pam says, “and she picked up on things very quickly. She loves to learn.”

Morgan enjoyed reading and became a skilled artist and poet. In 5th grade, Pam noticed Morgan’s poems became sadder and dealt with serious subjects, and, after some investigation, Pam found that Morgan was being bullied at school. “The school did not call it bullying,” she says, and, as a result, Pam didn’t learn about the issue until it had been happening for two years.

“Morgan got to point where she hated school,” Pam says.

Morgan transferred to one of South Carolina’s virtual charter schools, Connections Academy. In addition to seeking a safe place for her daughter, Pam says, “I wanted a teacher who was going to challenge my daughter.” At Connections, Pam discovered the teachers were involved in every lesson and were always available on the phone or through email.

“They are right there all the time,” Pam says, “and for me, that meant a lot.”

Pam says the virtual school is a great fit for her daughter. “This is the best decision I have ever made as a parent,” she says. “There are no dramatic personality issues between students and no distractions. When she needs the teachers, they are right there.”