Meet the Richardson Family

November 19, 2015


Beth Richardson did her homework so that her children could find a high-quality school. “I visited every single school that was available to us in Columbia,” she says. Not satisfied with their assigned public school, Beth enrolled her son, Jed, in East Point Academy, one of the only Chinese immersion charter schools in the U.S.

Jed and other East Point students are learning Chinese along with traditional subjects like math and reading. “They are definitely absorbing the language both verbally and in writing,” says Beth.

East Point is a public charter school and does not charge tuition. The school has been in operation for three years.

“I think they are teaching first grade at a second grade level—they are teaching one grade ahead as far as the state standards go. They are providing third grade opportunities if your child is at a second grade level,” says Beth.

All of the families sending their children to East Point are involved in the school culture and activities, Beth says, and she has seen for herself that her child has a safe, productive classroom.

She continues, “The ability to provide this in South Carolina is so wonderful, it is exactly what our kids need. I feel very fortunate to be able to live in Columbia and to be able to take advantage of this opportunity.”