Military Families Deserve School Choice

March 6, 2018


This originally appeared in the Wall Street Journal on March 6, 2018.

As a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy Reserves and the most recently deployed member of Congress, I know firsthand that serving in the armed forces requires tremendous sacrifice. As a husband and father of three young daughters, I know the decision to serve is never taken lightly.

With a military ESA, dollars would follow the student rather than the school. Portability is key for students who are often required to move because of a change in a parent’s military assignment. This flexibility would allow military families the freedom to tailor their children’s education to best fit their learning needs and maximize academic achievement.

Making better education options available would help our armed services find and keep the highest-quality personnel, and it would give parents who serve the peace of mind to focus on their missions.

The men and women who serve our country in uniform make sacrifices daily, but the education of their children should not be one of them.

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