Palmetto Policy Forum Announces Rebranding as Palmetto Promise Institute, Unveils New Logo

February 4, 2015



Columbia, S.C. – Today, in celebration of the 2nd anniversary of its public launch in 2013, Palmetto Policy Forum announced that it was changing its name to Palmetto Promise Institute.

Energized by policy successes researching and advocating against Medicaid expansion and Common Core in South Carolina and promoting proven K-3 literacy strategies like Read to Succeed, Palmetto Promise plans to build on these early wins.  Using a proven operating strategy of solid research and strong relationships, Palmetto Promise will continue its mission to work with policy leaders to make South Carolina a model for other states by embracing proven, best-practice ideas to help move the Palmetto State and her citizens forward.

In addition to serving as a resource for policy-makers in Columbia, Palmetto Promise Institute works to educate citizens across South Carolina on how public policy decisions impact their lives and communities.

Commenting on the organization’s new identity, Palmetto Promise Institute President Ellen Weaver said, “Since our launch two years ago, we’ve delivered on our promise to become an effective policy ‘action engine’ for South Carolina.  Over the last two years, we’ve talked with many people from across our state.  Despite political differences and diverse backgrounds, they are united by their love for South Carolina and their desire for proven solutions to our shared problems.  And they want bold, optimistic leadership that inspires people from all walks of life to work together to implement them.”

She continued, “This name change represents an important opportunity to grow our brand beyond simply what we do – policy – and focus on why we do it: to change people’s lives for the better.  We’re deeply excited about this next step of growth for our organization.  ‘Palmetto Promise Institute’ reflects our deeply-held belief in the limitless promise of South Carolina and her people, as we fulfill our promise to promote a policy vision that inspires people to work together for our shared future.  That’s a promise we intend to keep.”

A newly-designed online presence at www.palmettopromise.org is expected to launch in early March.