Palmetto Promise wins State Policy Network’s Bob Williams Award for Most Influential Research

October 11, 2018

Ellen Weaver

Former President & CEO

Several weeks ago, our work on Santee Cooper was nominated for the Bob Williams Award for Most Influential Research, a prestigious award from the State Policy Network.

The winner was announced a few hours ago, and we are thrilled to say, “We won!”

The winner was selected by a combination of the voting results and judges’ valuation on the quality of research. We were told we won on both accounts and that our supporters really turned out the vote, so thank you!

We are extremely proud of our continued work on Santee Cooper and the debt being passed onto ratepayers and potentially taxpayers all around the state. Our researchinfographicsvideosquiz, and debt tracker have spurred legislative action in both chambers and led to the formation of a committee to study Santee Cooper’s future.

But the committee’s work has only just begun…and the debt counter continues to rise by over a million dollars a day. Your support has gotten us this far, and a gift now will help us continue our efforts to provide relief to ratepayers that are seeing utility bills rise in order to pay for energy that does not exist.

Once again, thank you.