RELEASE: Palmetto Promise Institute Launches New Education Policy Center Honoring U.S. Senator Tim Scott’s Grandfather

June 24, 2021

Palmetto Promise Team


June 24, 2021


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Palmetto Promise Institute Launches New Education Policy Center
Honoring U.S. Senator Tim Scott’s Grandfather

The Artis Ware Center for Education Opportunity will work to advance education excellence for students across South Carolina

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Palmetto Promise Institute is excited to partner with U.S. Senator Tim Scott in announcing The Artis Ware Center for Education Opportunity, named to honor the inspiring legacy of Senator Scott’s grandfather. The Center will address the education crisis facing South Carolina students and parents, with a special focus on education finance, education choice, and prioritizing the voices and needs of students and families.

In announcing the initiative Senator Scott said, “I’ve often said that education is the closest thing we have to magic in America, and it is an honor to join Palmetto Promise Institute in announcing The Artis Ware Center for Education Opportunity. My granddaddy Artis knew that education was key to achieving the American Dream and I cannot think of a more fitting tribute to his life than supporting the mission to give every single child in our state the opportunity to reach their God-given potential.”

Palmetto Promise President & CEO Ellen Weaver: “Education means hope. We are grateful for the opportunity to honor Artis Ware and the amazing impact of his life through the work of this Center. His reverence for the power of an education he was personally denied shines as a beacon of promise for his own family and generations of South Carolinians still to come.”

She continued, “Artis Ware’s transformative legacy is a moving reminder of the powerful ‘why’ behind our work: to provide the life-changing opportunity of a great education to every child in South Carolina, whatever their circumstances.”

As the nation moves on past COVID-19, it is undeniable that the pandemic has re-shaped the education conversation. Parents have never been hungrier for flexible alternatives to one-size-fits-all systems, teachers have reached a breaking point, and students are lacking the skillset to succeed later in life. This cannot be the new status quo.

State policymakers across the country are answering the call: at least 10 states have passed education choice bills this year with over 20 other states, including South Carolina, pursuing active legislation. The Artis Ware Center for Education Opportunity aims to be at the center of the conversation and will be an asset for students, parents, teachers, and legislators alike.


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