Research foundation outlines approach for jumpstarting SC economy

Quality of Life
May 12, 2020

Palmetto Promise Institute released a report on Tuesday outlining 12 steps to jumpstart South Carolina’s economy. 
“These 12 common sense ideas are the spark our state’s economic engine needs,” Palmetto Promise CEO Ellen Weaver said in releasing the list. “Each one has been tried on a temporary basis here in South Carolina or is working as permanent law in another state. With these reforms, South Carolina’s economy will recover more quickly, which means real opportunities for real people across the Palmetto State.”

ABC News 4 covered the release. 

Reopening businesses safely is important. The next step is reinvigorating the economy.

A research foundation outlined the best approach to economic growth in the Palmetto State.

The Palmetto Promise Institute says these ideas will spark the state’s economic needs.

They include removing “unnecessary regulations” on businesses, Increasing tax refunds, encouraging early retirements and guaranteeing internet access for every student in the state.