Right-To-Work: A Brief Roundup

Quality of Life
September 4, 2015

Ah, Labor Day. The punchline of so many terribly unfunny jokes about its ironic name. We won’t attempt to humor you with any of these jokes, but we would like to briefly (and we truly mean briefly) discuss a Labor Day topic that should make you smile—South Carolina’s long-time status as a right-to-work (RTW) state.

Over the last two decades, South Carolina has grown into a manufacturing powerhouse, with companies such as Boeing, BMW, Michelin, Bridgestone and Volvo moving into the Palmetto State. Nurturing this environment are several factors, including our right-to-work law. RTW benefits South Carolinians in many ways, so let’s take a brief moment to refresh ourselves on the benefits:

  • Right-to-work attracts businesses and investment to the Palmetto State
  • Right-to-work helps create more jobs for real South Carolinians
  • Right-to-work contributes to lower prices of goods
  • Right-to-work protects worker’s freedom, both occupationally and politically
  • And just as a bonus, right-to-work is supported by over 70% of Americans

Short and sweet. Now you can go and relax knowing that – at least on this issue – your state is walking on the path of prosperity. And if you do get the itch to learn a little more, check out this Heritage Foundation article.

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