Where Have all the Teachers Gone?

A growing teacher shortage, particularly in some of South Carolina’s more rural areas are leading some districts to take new measures to lure and retain qualified teachers.

Education Choice’s Battleground

The road to more education choice for South Carolinians goes through downtown Washing…. Er… Columbia!

Weekly Update 2/3/2017

This week at the Palmetto Promise Institute we’re tracking two bills at the South Carolina Statehouse: Direct Primary Care and Income Tax Bracket Protection.

South Carolina and the Technology Opportunity

Elementary kids are more savvy with an iPad than many adults, and a failure to learn how to use technology in school is a sure way to be left behind in the 21st century.

The Urgent Need For Education Reform

The future will not wait. Our students urgently need an education system that works today.

Learning is a Joy: Fund and Fix

The difference between funding systems and funding students is a matter of focus.

Learning Is A Joy: Mired To Marvelous

Sadly, despite new programs and an abundance of good intentions, the status quo in South Carolina has changed very little over the last few decades.

A Child’s Life In The Palmetto State

We hope you join us in this very important mission to impact children’s lives for the better. Because the children of today need to be equipped for leadership tomorrow!

Hurricane Gray: Age Demographic Change And The Near Future Of South Carolina Education

South Carolina Can Survive and Thrive Through Hurricane Gray. Find out how.