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CRT/Curriculum Transparency Bill Update: Codify and Expand Grooms Proviso

Blog · October 3, 2023

UPDATE. The CRT/Curriculum Transparency bill (H.3728) has passed the South Carolina Senate and House in different forms and a conference committee has been appointed. The Senators on the committee are Senators Jackson, Massey, and Hembree. The House members on the committee are Reps. Erickson, Adam Morgan, and Alexander. The General Assembly is currently out of

Litigating for Liberty!

Blog · July 24, 2023

Some of the most significant conservative policy victories of recent years had a litigation element. By that I mean a legal case made its way to the Supreme Court and the side of freedom won. In the Janus case (2018), the court ruled that public employees cannot be forced to pay agency fees to a

The Results are in!

Blog · June 15, 2023

Last week, we asked you to vote on ten issues that are a part of the larger Palmetto Promise Institute Freedom Agenda. We know that all of the issues on the agenda are important, but how do they compare? Here are the results. Every issue we asked you to rate hit the 74% mark (Very Important +